Faceless demon as Wandrelief

Item #: 20341

Faceless demon as Wandrelief

Mystical wall decoration for Gothic fans

And they came.All.The black wings of the demon spread out further and further, the dead crept out of the graves in his shadow.Like a black Leviathan sucked the demon of death, the remains of the deceased to which had its resurrection somehow differently.

The mural by demon molded from heavy polyresin.The wings remember raven wings, the empty and yet animated translucent cape is formed in the lower third of many skulls, so that the impression is created that the whole figure arose from skulls.is Aufgehängt the relief of a stable and bolted device directly behind the faceless head of FIG.For more walls we could have the Vampire Skull Wandrelief , the Grim Reaper Wall Decoration and the Gargoyle on Skull wall decoration to offer.

Delivery: 1x Wandrelief demon

  • length : Ca.42 cm
  • width : Ca.38 cm
  • depth : Ca.7 cm
  • material : Polyresin