Iron Man Whiplash Costume

Item #: 17595

Iron Man Whiplash Costume

The Ironman Whiplash costume makes you the dreaded enemy of Ironman ,

In the movie adaptation Iron Man 2 Tony Stark takes part in a car race and is thereby attacked by Whiplash.The cartoon character Whiplash has also made a powered via mini reactor design two plasma whips.The harness latex represents the breast reactor villain Whiplashs.The Iron Man Whiplash costume lights up in the dark and makes the Marvel Men costume to an insane eyecatcher on each theme and carnival party.

On the back the Iron Man Whiplash Costume is held by two straps with Velcro.For superhero, with the corresponding upper body, the Iron Man Whiplash costume the perfect, sexy comic hero outfit.The futuristic looking outfit also combines well carry on techno and fetish parties.You can find us another superhero costumes such.b.the Spiderman muscle costume and the Iron Man Costume ,

  • Harness and the two whips, pants not included: Included!
  • Material: 100% Latex
  • Size: One Size