Renaissance queens dress XL

Item #: 8801128 XL

Renaissance queens dress XL

Become queen of the night

Many famous women have left their mark in the past are the noble queens, rulers and empresses.Often these women were enviable thinkers and artists.Dreams not only of the court ladies but slip into the role of this enchanting woman.You become a beautiful mistress in the queens robe.

The floor-length gown of the Queen has been made of a royal blue, velvet-like material.The delineation of the royal robe is decorated with a white-black polka dot faux fur.The inner skirt is checkered and decorated with the royal symbol herladische lily.On the neckline gown with a silver border is stocked.You can make your queens dress with the Queens crown Elisabeth the Square ring with ruby gemstone and the Elegant Gold Curls Wig combine and your royal presence at carnival, theme parties and plays, or TV productions, nothing stands in the way.

Product: Renaissance queens dress
  • Beautiful, full-length, royal blue queens dress
  • Material: 100% polyester, Velvety fabric, faux fur
  • Colours: royal blue, royal symbol lily
Size XL: Length: approx 138cm, shoulder width: about 44cm Arm length: about 66cm, Waist: approx 43cm.