Dark Phantom Mask

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    Dark Phantom Mask

    With our Dark Phantom Mask you'll be inscrutable. This horror mask is a masterpiece, sculpted by professional mask makers and handpainted, so every Dark Phantom Mask is a unique copy. A combination of foam latex and elastane was used to make this great Halloween mask. The combination of these two materials allows the phantom mask to move with the wearer's face so facial expressions are visible, but at the same time it makes it tear resistant and robust. Jimjams are preprogrammed with the Dark Phantom Mask, 'cause the features are made with lots of attention to detail. The grey complexion and the gruesome looks of this foam latex mask is emphasized by the dark blothes the eyes and mouth. Horror masks like the Dark Phantom Mask are also used in film productions. Have a look at more professional masks such as the Bloody Sadist Mask and the Karl the Butcher in our range of products. The mask is relatively small and fits rather tightly, so it is suitable for small sized heads. Not suitable for children!

    Please note: As the Dark Phantom Mask is a unique copy and a work of art, it is non-returnable.

    Material: elastane and foam latex