Superlong Black Wig White Streaks

Item #: 12682

Superlong Black Wig White Streaks

A mega long black wig for a glamorous super witch entrance

This long black wig is one of our Halloween and Carnival bestsellers. Turn yourself into Lily Munster or Morticia Addams, a vampiress or witch, with this extra long wig ou can't go wrong. The black wig with two white streaks is made of synthetic hair. This gorgeous wig is the perfect accessory for your Halloween costumes. 

To guarantee a perfect fit, best hide your own hair under a Wig Stocking Set . This stylish super long witch wig is made of black synthetic hair and features two eye-catching white streaks. The wig is approx. 90 cm long.

  • Material: synthetic hair
  • Colour: black
  • Length: approx. 90 cm