Universal Moustache

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Universal Moustache

Im Westen sind Bärte die Härte

It is a hard job to move a herd of cattle from one place to another.  Twelve hours in the saddle, dust, dirt, cow shit up to your knees, mosquitoes everywhere. But after four long weeks the job is done and the cows are going to market in South Dakota. The cowboys run into the barber's to get a shave. But they won't have their moustaches shaved off, only slightly trimmed to make sure they will look handsome and impress the saloon girls.

The Universal Moustache is a big fringy moustache. The kind that was appreciated by cowboys as well as by gentlemen in Victorian Britain and imperial Germany. The impressive, self-adhesive moustache is made of synthetic hair. It will look great with costumes like the Sultan Costume XXL, the Leather Pants Costume or the Rodeo Cowboy Costume. M .

  • Material: 40% polyacrylics, 40% modacrylic, 20% polyester
  • Colour: black
  • Dimensions: width approx. 12,5 cm, length approx. 5 cm