12 Shot Ring Caps 5 PCS

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12 Shot Ring Caps 5 PCS

These toy cap gun caps guarantee an entrance with a bang!

On carnival the streets are filled with gangsters, bandits and policemen. And they all need guns to scare the enemy. Guns are supposed to look and sound threatening, so you need the right gun powder to shoot them. Our ring caps are guaranteed to produce the right sound effect!

To find out which type of ammunition you need, check out the description of our toy cap guns and toy rifles. If you want to dress up in our  Bandit costume with hat or the Rodeo Cowboy Costume. M , the Revolver Margarita 21 cm will be the weapon of your choice. The pack of gun caps contains 20 rings of 12 shot each, so you won't run out of ammo in the middle of your party.

The pack contains: 20 rings a 12 shot, altogether 240 shot.

Warning: These cap gun caps are only suitable for toy cap guns. Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Contains small parts which could be swallowed or inhaled. Do not fire indoors. Do not fire close to eyes and ears.


Achtung: Nur für den Gebrauch in Spielwaren. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren. Erstickungsgefahr wegen kleiner Teile. Nicht in Räumen und nicht in Augen- und Ohrnähe abschießen!