Set green flower fairy

Item #: 8801466

Set green flower fairy

Green is the hair ornament of the forest fairy

If the forest fairy roams her territory, she has been getting a lot of fresh green leaves and flowers in your hair.Not as camouflage as soldiers, but for the joy of living nature.With her wand she can also help plants on the jumps, if they are too grown puny.

The Flower Fairy Set consists of a green flower fairy wand and a headband with flowers and leaves.The flower fairy wand is about 43 cm long, the top is a pale green bloom, which is surrounded by green leaves and berries.The bar is covered with green velvet-like fabric, green ribbons hanging down from above.The hairband is also covered with the green fabric which is decorated with lots of light green and white flowers and leaves.We have the Flower Fairy Set in the variations Flower Fairy Set pink and Flower Fairy Set Purple .Matching fairies and elves costumes would be the Enchanting Fairy Costume , The Wood Elf Costume Green Medium and the Mother Nature Costume .

  • Scope of delivery : Flower wand, Garland
  • Color : Green, White
  • Material : Plastic
  • Length wand : About43 cm