Halloween is the opportunity to celebrate an amazing Halloween-Party with our huge selection of Halloween Decoration, Props & Animatronics! Halloween table decoration, Halloween spiderwebs & Halloween candy will set the right mood for your scary Halloween

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Halloween Decorations & Accessories

Everything you need for the best Halloween ever!

Make your party stand out with our amazing variety of Halloween decorations including props, fireworks, and sweets. Our collection of Halloween party decorations ensures that you’ll have everything you need to go trick or treating in style.

The scariest Halloween yet

Get the perfect spooky atmosphere without our amazing Halloween Scene Setters. Do you want Halloween party decorations which will transport your party guests to an asylum, a Haunted House Scene Setter or a Serial killer window foil 2-piece? Our convincingly creepy backdrops will do just the trick.

You’ve also come to the right place for all kinds of Halloween decoration – whether you’re looking for Halloween Wall Decorations, Halloween Table Decorations, or elaborate Halloween Props, you can find all of it here. Get your party started with Creepy skeleton hanging green, Heartless Zombie Dekofigur and horrific Michael Myers mask Deluxe. We’ve got Ghost Hanging Figure , ghouls and more – and don’t forget the finishing touches, like Halloween Tombstones and classic Halloween Pumpkins.

Eerie Halloween party decorations

If you’re looking to take your house of horrors to the next level, we even have Halloween Animatronics such as Gripping Sensenmann Halloween Animatronic, Talking Swamp Witch Standing Up With LED Eyes and Moving Horror Clown With Knife. These incredible items will be particularly terrifying for trick or treaters as they move and make sounds. They’ll definitely give everyone an extra shock, and will make your Halloween party the scariest one around!
As well as Halloween party decorations, you can also surprise your guests with incredible Halloween Fireworks. Our firecrackers, fireworks and sparklers fit the theme perfectly, with their spooky designs and their exciting effects – you’ll love the Ghost Crackers 50s-box .

The finishing touches to your Halloween set

Don’t forget Halloween Skulls and Halloween Body Parts! Our realistic Halloween decorations provide just the right amount of gore, and are sure to shock and disgust everyone around. Whether you’re looking for zombie heads or Chopped Zombie Hand, we’ve got what you need. The plastic body parts are realistic and come dripping with blood. Just take a look at the Torn forefinger if you really want something that will creep everybody out! Or, for a Halloween party decoration that is even more gruesome, have a look at this scarily lifelike Container With Bloody Latex Innards.
Plus, we’ve got a great selection of Halloween Bugs and Insects, if you want to add those little extra details that will make your party unforgettable! Nobody likes Gray latex giant spider 90 cm, so give everyone a scare by including some of our creepy-crawlies as Halloween party decorations. There are huge squeeze tarantula and disgusting Realistic Meat Fly With Magnet – what could be better for the scariest night of the year? To complete the scene, we’ve got Halloween Spiderwebs for your Halloween decoration, too.

And everyone’s favorite part… Halloween candy!

What would Halloween be without trick or treating? We’ve got an amazing variety of Trick or Treat Bags – and yes, plenty of Halloween Sweets to fill them up with! Children and adults alike will find all of their favorite things in our great collection of sweets – from scary Trolli Dracula 200g and halloween motiv-shaped Halloween Creature lollipop, to all kinds of surprising Center Shock Mystery Bubble Gum flavours. Or, mix things up with a Blair`s Sudden Death Sauce or some Snot Shots Sour Chewing Gum! With all of these excellent treats, this will definitely be the best Halloween you’ve ever had!

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