Officially Licensed Costumes & Accessories

Looking for a fancy dress costume from your favourite film? Find a Catwoman costume, Mad Hatter costume, Star Wars costumes and many more at Horror Shop.

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Officially Licensed Costumes and Accessories

Discover our great selection of Officially Licensed Costumes and Accessories!

We all have our personal movie heroes who make our heart beat faster: some love the Marvel superheroes, others prefer infamous horror characters like Leatherface, Jason, Freddy and Pinhead. All those who are into officially licensed merchandise will love our big selection of officially licensed costumes. With a licensed costume you can create an authentic movie look this Halloween and show the other guests that you are a serious film fan.

Licensed horror film costumes

Horror and science fiction fans will love this section: from "Halloween" and "Hellraiser" to superhero movies like "Batman" and "Iron Man" - we cater for all tastes. In our online shop you will also find licensed costumes and masks from tv series like "The Walking Dead" and  "The Munsters".

Officially licensed pop culture accessories

We also stock licensed costumes that have nothing to do with the horror genre. Just think about tv series like "Baywatch" and legendary super stars like Elvis and Michael Jackson. With our officially licensed costumes you can turn yourself into your favourite film or pop music idol and become the star of this year's Halloween and Carnival parties.

Licensed cartoon hero costumes

Have a look at our licensed cartoon hero costumes! You will find cartoon characters like "The Simpsons" and "The Flintstones" and  the characters of "Looney Toons". So why not turn yourself into Homer or Bart Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Fred Flintstone or Barney Gravel this Halloween or Carnival and mingle with the other party people?

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