Bright White Skull

Item #: 19942

Bright White Skull

The white death skull envelops your environment in a creepy light

The skull is a guarantee for a creepy atmosphere. Inside, he is hollowed out and throws a bright light through his eyes through his integrated light. The light is bright and flashing continuously. Ideal for all dark corners and places that have almost no light. This Halloween decoration creates a mood. Through its white surface, it looks as if you had puffed it in your own garden and brought it to the surface! In addition, the structure begins to get cracks, which makes it look really old!

The luminous skull white is approx. 16cm deep, approx. 14cm high and approx. 10cm wide. He distributes his flashing light in the room over his eyebrow and nose. It is connected via a switch on the bottom. This is covered with felt for better adhesion. Three LR44 button cells are required for operation, which are included in the scope of delivery. You can find more great Halloween decoration in our shop. How about a red one Bloodbath tablecloth Or the grave LED grave stone RIP ?

Product information:

  • Scope of delivery: Bright white skull, 3x LR44 batteries
  • Skull inside white bright brightly
  • Realistic appearance
  • Material: 100% Polyresin