Deer Decoration LED

Item #: 8800927

Deer Decoration  LED

A trendy decoration idea for dark winter days!

On  Christmastime we all get very creative and decorate our homes for the festivities. All the department stroes are bursting with christmas decorations to get us into a festive mood!

The usual decorations you find in the shops are nothing special, though. Mostly they are the classic fairy lights, Santa Clauses and artificial snow. So if you are looking for an extraordinary bit of decoration, better have a look in our shop! The Deer Decoration  LED is just what you have been looking for! The impressive deer head with the big antlers is sitting on a silver-coloured base. the head is completely transparent for the colourful LED lighting to be visible well.  The little light and the on and off switch are inside the base. Turn the decoration over to use the on and off switch. The deer will light up in different colours. The colours will change from  red to green, blue, yellow, turquoise and pink and restart with red. One pack contains 4 deer heads so you can create light effects all over your home.
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Additional information on the Deer Decoration  LED:

  • Includes: 4 piece per pack (batteries included)
  • Deer head with antlers on a base
  • Transparent deer head, silver base
  • LED electronic inside base, On/Off switch on bottom side
  • LED colours: red-green-blue-yellow-turquoise-pink
  • Material: plastic