Rubber milk white 5 liter

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Rubber milk white 5 liter

The white, undyed rubber milk is ideal for making your own wounds, masks and special effects!

Latex milk is a way to self variety of special effects, massive make-up or cool decorations to create and is not an integral part of the film and television production.The best way to so minor wounds produced, for larger applications, it is advisable to apply the rubber milk to a backing material such as paper towels and then put it thus in its final form, without that it is uncontrolled before.

Eye-catching transitions of adhesive latex wounds and applications can be perfect as well with the white rubber milk.To represent realistic wounds, it is advisable to Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml and Scab Dark / Fresh Scratch rework.

  • Contents: 5 liter corresponds to 5000 ml, which corresponds to a basic price of EUR 9.17 per 1000 ml
A test for an allergic skin reaction in the elbow is recommended as liquid latex can cause temporary redness on sensitive skin.If you are in the test in the crook of your arm to show a violent redness, we do not recommend the use of latex milk.,