Fatman Zombie Mask
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Fatman Zombie Mask

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Fatman Zombie Mask

This fatso was executed for his gluttony and excess. Now he's a zombie and still in constant search of food. He even steals jars filled with Bleeding Zombie Brain from testing laboratories. So Fatman Zombie has been feasting on food and with his wobbly chin and the crooked Aviator acrylic teeth he now struggles to engulf the brain matter and prefers to have it pureed. This unique and super revolting Graffiti Zombie Mask mask is a Halloween party highlight and similarly hated by weight-watchers and fans of bio food. The Fatman Zombie Mask is made with lots of attention to small details like shiny eyes and a seemingly wet mouth. Gross!!!!! The fatman zombie mask fits very well despite its big size and it also makes a super impressive party decoration!

Material: latex