Child Wig Viking

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Child Wig Viking

With this cheeky viking wig your little boy will become a strong Norseman!

This little fella's eyes twinkle with mischief and the freckles on his nose emphasize his flaming red hair! The quick-witted little Viking has lots of adventures with his friends and makes sure they all get back home safe and sound!

Most girls and boys fantasize about having adventures just like this little Viking. Carnival is their chance to dress upand pretend to be the son a Viking chief! The shoulder-length red wig is the perfect accessory to turn your little one into an authentic Viking. Now all you need to do is to add our  Viking helmet for children and the Viking Costume for Children to your order, paint some freckles in your kid's face and start your adventurous day!

Material: 100 % polyester, wight (net): 0.1900 kg