Flashing Pumpin Ring Orange

Item #: 19962

Flashing Pumpin Ring Orange

A soft silicone ring with light-up effect!

When we think of Halloween, we think of pumpkins and the legend of Jack of the Lantern. According to the tale a drunkard known as "Stingy Jack" tricked the devil and when he died there was no room for him in heaven or hell. To warn others, the devil gave Jack an ember to light his way in the darkness between heaven and hell. Here's a Flashing Pumpin Ring to light your way in the darkness. 

The ring is made of orange silicone with pumpkin detail. Three LEDs are put inside the silicone right underneath the pumpkin. Press the bottom side of the Pumpkin Ring in order to activate the LEDs and repress it to stop the flashing. The LEDs can not be replaced as they are worked into the silicone. Replacing them woukld destroy the ring. The Flashing Pumpin Ring Orange is one of our eye-catching Halloween accessories, just like the Glowing Skull Ring and the Light-Up Mummy Ring .

Additional information:

  • Flashing silicone ring with pumpkin
  • Flexible silicone makes the Pumpkin Ring slightly stretchable
  • Spooky Halloween ring with three flashing LEDs
  • Colour: orange

Please note: Disposable LEDs, batteries can not be exchanged!