Skeletal invasion film

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Skeletal invasion film

Halloween Decoration for Wall & Floor

What would a Halloween or horror party without proper wall decoration.Thus they shifted their guests in a pleasantly eerie atmosphere.With the right Monster Movie Haunts CD . Decoration Moss 125g and Cobweb 40gr white. your skeletal Invasions film is even more effective.The well-crafted horror decorations, penetrate in the public danger, greenish shimmering skeletons through the wall and the floor ensures the right horror mood!

With this decoration a boring room is quickly redecorated in a creepy haunted house setting.The horror decoration consists of two films with 85 cm x 165 cm and two films with 60 cm x 91 cm size.The designs are printed on transparent film and can be easily on Tacker, fasten with small tacks or tape on walls and floors, and afterwards to remove.

1 x Skeleton Invasions film

  • Content: 4 films
  • Size: 2 x 85 cm x 165 cm and 2 x 60 cm x 91 cm