Psycho Monster Clown Hanging Figure

Item #: 15162

Psycho Monster Clown

Creepy Halloween Decoration figure of horror clowns

Lifesize Psycho Monster Clown of each child puts the fear, and thus makes any future visit to the circus superfluous! The gruesome and vicious grinning, colorful "jester" is stately 180cm tall.It can be hung from the ceiling, thus ensuring terror.

The Psycho Monster Clown has a head made of latex with wuscheligem synthetic hair and flexible latex hands.The bloodthirsty contemporary has a colorful clown suit and wearing a bloodstained butcher's apron.The clown can stow away again after use.By Pyscho Monster Clown, Decoration Moss 125g and the Creepy Evil Clown with LEDs and Sound can be perfectly a bloody horror circus decorate!

  • 1 x Psycho Monster Clown
  • Size about.180cm
  • Material: latex and polyester