Fragrance Oil Dungeon
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Fragrance Oil Dungeon

Item #: 12587

Fragrance Oil Dungeon

Fragrance Oil Dungeon is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in different rooms and to underline the illusion of your Halloween party decoration. The first Duftöl Dragon Tomb worldwide specifically designed to create a spooky ambiance! These scents are usually used in theme parcs, horror houses or ghost rides. Dungeon Fragrance Oil Flatulence smells of mouldy dark dungeons where captive creatures rattle their chains to escape the tortures of the rack.  A must for graveyard scenarios, zombie and horror parties! With this super fragrance oil you'll turn your Halloween party into an unforgettable event and your guests will remember the perfect arrangement of your ghost party for a long time! Use the Dungeon Fragrance Oil with our Steinwand film Cobweb 40gr white. and Decoration Moss 125g.

Dilute the fragrance oil with water and use it in an oil burner, put water and a few drops of fragrance in a water sprayer and spray it on fabric remnants or put undiluted oil on cloth tatters (only a few drops!) and hang them from the ceiling for intense odours. Contains 5,0ml.

Avoid direct skin contact!!

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