Butcher Meat Hooks on a Chain

Item #: 19954

Butcher Meat Hooks on a Chain

Leatherface and Hannibal Lecter love their bloody meat hooks!

Bloody butcher hooks are very handy in a serial killer's slaughterhouse. They are perfect to store lots of meat in his walk-in refrigerator. These highly realistic looking Butcher Meat Hooks on a Chain make a perfect Halloween decoration for your kitchen, pantry or bathroom.

The metallic looking torture chain is made of plastic and approx. 180 cm long. Each of the three meat hooks measures approx. 37 cm x 12 cm.  With this impressive slaugherhouse chain  you will make Leatherface go green with envy and you can be sure that your neighbours will think twice before dropping in. The butcher hook chain is only a decoration, not a toy! Match it with our Torture Bone and dress up in the Butcher Pig Costume and you will scare the living daylights out of your party guests!

Material: plastic, length approx. 180 cm