Pharaoh Tutankhamun Costume. M

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Pharaoh Tutankhamun Costume.M

Thanks to some grave robbers seen Pharaoh increasingly at Halloween parties

Historical costumes enjoy carnival and Halloween again growing in popularity.Pharaoh Tutankhamun was an Egyptian king of the 18thDynasty of about 1332 to 1323 v.Chr.reigned.Larger notoriety owes the Egyptian god-king, especially the discovery of his nearly ungeplünderten grave chamber and its famous golden death mask by the British Egyptologist Howard Carter.

The impressive Pharaoh costume includes the lapis lazuli blue robe, a golden girdle occupied with gemstones and two gold bracelets.Complete is the carnival costume with a gold choker decorated with amethyst gemstones and the pharaohs typical black and yellow striped Nemes with snake headband.A partner check Nefertiti Costume Size M and the Pharaoh Scepter is the insignia of your power.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M