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In Mark Neveldines exorcism thriller "The Vatican Tapes" Olivia Taylor Dudley has the Incarnate personally deal - how good that hastens the team of experts from the Vatican to help to defeat Satan cheat!

After Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley) accidentally cuts her finger and is then at selfsame attacked by a crow, her quiet life changes abruptly. As possessed by the devil she goes by the young woman to other people, which is why they will be accommodated for safety in a psychiatric ward. There you can help the priest, Father Lozano (Michael Peña), the demonic forces suspected in the game, and informs the exorcism Department of the Vatican ...

"The Vatican Tapes": Classic Horror theme in a new guise

As William Friedkin audiences with staggered "The Exorcist" in fear and terror, the filmmakers would not have thought that a whole genre would build on his masterpiece. Especially in recent cinema history, the subject was taken up again contributed as "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". Now brings director Mark Neveldine with "The Vatican Tapes" another Satan Strip to the big screen, in which the focus is on the hand-held camera look and act the Church's exorcists.

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"The Vatican Tapes" Contest the theatrical release of the horror thriller

The Vatican Tapes - Raffle for theatrical release To celebrate the release of "The Vatican Tapes" on July 30, we are giving away 1 x 2 tickets and 1 x 1 soundtrack of the horror film. To enter the contest, you have to correctly answer only the following question:

What is the Year of William Friedkin's horror classic "The Exorcist"?

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