Gothic Figures & Fantasy Statues

Gothic figures & fantasy statues are a great gift idea for all gothic, medieval & fantasy fans. Here at you will find a huge selection of dragon, skull & mystical animal figurines. Find your figurine!

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Gothic figures & fantasy statues as decoration

In our large assortment of gothic figures & fantasy statues you will find great skulls, gargoyles & occult cat figures which are mostly made of cast stone (polyresin). The high-quality decorative figures for Gothic, Medieval & Fantasy fans are usually painted by hand. Also as decoration for horror & series fans we have great figures like the GOT Daenerys Targaryen collector figure and the Chucky headknocker figure. To decorate your living rooms in gothic style our gothic figures & fantasy statues are simply brilliant. Also at Halloween, Walpurgis Night and medieval festivals Gothic Figures & Fantasy Statues are a successful decoration.

Fantasy dragon & gargoyle figures

If you believe the numerous legends and stories about dragons, they hide incredible treasures in their lair. Our mystical dragon calendar only hides the correct date underneath, but who knows what is in the dragon treasure box?

Nasty gargoyles are especially popular with Gothic fans. The mythical creatures had another purpose besides the actual one of draining water, namely to protect. The demonic grimaces are considered to be a kind of mirror image of evil demons, which should be afraid of the sight and thus take flight. Make sure you have a faithful guardian at your doorstep with our Silas the Guardian.

Find the most beautiful dragon and the cutest gargoyle for your collection at our Gothic Figures & Fantasy Statues.

Skulls & Skeletons made of cast stone

The classic among our gothic figures & fantasy statues are skulls and skeletons. From colorful Sugar Skulls to deep black Reapers you will find everything here. We have skulls with Celtic patterns for medieval fans, skulls with mystical patterns for fantasy fans and also animal skulls as Halloween decorations. Our Death Wish Grim Reaper Statue and Death Blade Reaper Statue are just as suitable for Gothic living spaces as they are as decorations for Halloween night. Gothic figures & fantasy statues made of cast stone are always well received.

Black cats as Gothic figures & fantasy statues

Confucius once said, "Whether it is bad luck for a black cat to cross your path depends solely on whether you are a man or a mouse." Unfortunately, many people around the world believe that black cats bring bad luck, especially if they cross your path. Fortunately, there are some places & many people in the world where black cats are considered good luck. Especially for the witches among us who are fans of black cats, we have a huge selection of gothic figurines & fantasy statues. A mystical cat figurine on witch books, a black cat named Salem or the feisty Spite witch cat as decoration really look incredibly good in homes of Wiccans.

Gifts Gothic Figures & Fantasy Statues

No matter if you want to give a gift to a fairy tale fan, a Gothic devotee or a Halloween fan - with our Gothic figurines & fantasy statues you are always right. The high-quality decorative figures range from Gargoyle to Cthulhu to the Death Blade Reaper Statue. Steampunk fans and witch worshippers will also love our retro-futuristic skulls and black cats. Our dragon & fairy figurines are a great gift especially for fantasy & medieval fans. Get your perfect Gothic figurines & fantasy statues as a gift to yourself!

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