Furrybones - the cuddly skull figurines for Halloween fans & collectors. Browse our fantastic selection of Furrybones figurines, plush toys & accessories and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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What are Furrybones figures

Furrybones are eerily beautiful figurines to collect and give as gifts. With a funny mixture of gothic and manga the Furrybones figurines are created by the artist Misaki Sawada. Made of sturdy cast stone (polyresin), these decorative figurines are crafted with attention to detail and painted by hand. With each of these gothic collectible figurines, it looks like a skeleton-like figure has slipped inside and grins cheekily out. The outside appearance is usually a cute animal like the Pink Bun Bunny, French Bulldog, or Sloth. All Furrybones characters have two personalities - do you perhaps have them too?

The skeleton in the cuddly toy

Or the skeleton with all the different costumes? Furrybones figurines are always cute cuddly toys, fruit or mythical creatures with a cheeky grinning bone face. The soft, furry "Furry" and the hard "Bones" bone really says it all. Soft and cuddly on the outside - hard skeleton core on the inside. Fun costumes and accessories complete the Furrybones figures. However you want to look at it - Furrybones figures are absolutely cool collectibles for Gothics & Manga fans.

Looking for a gothic gift item?

With a penchant for quirky costumes, these little skeleton figurines have long enjoyed cult status in the scene of black romantics and Japan fans. Averaging 6-8 inches tall, these collectible figurines are the perfect gift item for all Gothic devotees, New Wavers, and Anime & Manga fans. In our large assortment of alternative gift items, these cute decorative figurines are sure to catch your eye - they also make a fantastic gift in their own right.

Furrybones figures as Halloween decoration

Absolutely yes! Furrybones figurines are absolutely brilliant as Halloween decorations. Frankie, Vampire, & Black Scorchie are eagerly waiting to amaze your party guests. Who would expect a cute little decoration figure with a mean grinning skeleton grimace in your display case or as table decoration. Also as a gift for the Halloween party Furrybones figurines are a great gift item under 10 €. Get the cute twisted decorative figurines home quickly - but beware of the danger of addiction!

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