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Sharknado - Enough said!

The iconic animal horror movie for fans trashy B-movies

The Internet is thanks! The low-budget production was Sharknado after its US television premiere on July 12 this year, with 5,000 tweets per minute for hot discuss object at Twitter. Some users outermost their displeasure with respect to the strip, swirled in the sharks by a tornado on land and so the risk to the population of California are - others swarmed to the skies.

For those who want to make your own picture from Hailight of the year, we are giving away 10 x 1 Blu-ray and 10 x 1 DVD of Sharknado!

Sweepstakes to Sharknado:

To win one of Sharknado DVDs or Blu-Rays you have to answer the following question:

Which female star of American Pie faces a fight against the bloodthirsty shark in Sharknado?

a) Jessica Alba
b) Megan Fox
c) Tara Reid

Send us your answer, your age, your full address and whether you would like a DVD or Blu-Ray to (participation over 16 years)

The deadline is the 18.12.2013

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