Halloween Make Up Ideas in Horror-Shop.com

Once a year, more specifically just before November, get experienced makeup artists a kribbeliges feel goose bumps and maybe even a little butterflies in my stomach. Because Halloween is experienced make-up artists, amateur and even children can let off steam once properly, creepy faces, apply, paint on scars and experiment with the Schminkkasten simply whim. Whether very creative in its model or based on cult figures from film, TV, comics and books: once Halloween is knocking on the door, it is time for his ideas to treat freewheeling and simply live out with makeup and makeup to your heart.

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Cool Make Up Ideas for horror festival

Halloween does not have in Germany has long since established the tradition as in the United States, yet countless theme parties and Halloween parties are also held in this country, in which dresses up, celebrated and is scared each other. Popular ideas do not always have to reinvent the wheel, because with a bit of flair and creativity, conventional panels can be jazzed interesting, as well as with the appropriate makeup with its own personality is created, which gives each character a whole new ground.

Classic, proven and guaranteed always a hit is the scarred mouth, which is based entirely on the Joker or his Kumpanin Harley Quinn. To this end, the mouth is easily extended in both directions by a painted scar that can be made with little effort in black with stitches, with more effort but even represents an entire set of teeth or lip sewn up. Creativity has no limits in this case, as a makeup it takes is a simple eyeliner or Lip Liner, the lipstick can be held as a direct contrast in bright red. The lipstick is generally a useful tool because it can also be used to display bloody spots or sores on the face. These are mounted quickly and easily, can the outfit by further ideas even be supplemented. Whether zombie, skeleton, witch, or other popular figures, wounds and blood eventually always fit for Halloween.

For even more ideas for the next Halloween

Really scary it is, even if the entire skin takes on a new color. Olive green like Shiva, gaudy green like the Hulk or deathly pale as the Black Swan? If you you're not too good for a little more effort and has the matching utensils, you can transform your face and completely. In Horror Shop YouTube channel there is, moreover, already a transform video for an atmospheric Jack Skellington makeup.

We wish the fun applying makeup and try it!