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Sharks in the supermarket!

The idyllic small town Tweed Heads on the coast of Australia celebrates his new tourist attraction: a huge shopping center under the earth! But suddenly arrives wahnsinns tsunami wave in the town that almost completely sets the Einkausparadies underwater. The promotions are weggespüllt, before the outputs store debris and the few, sometimes very badly wounded survivors escape to the supermarket shelves.

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But in the water lurk some new, more hungry visitors - two aggressive great white sharks! While the water level continues to rise and further aftershocks shake the already destroyed building, slowly but surely running out of escape routes and the supporters. With the ongoing captivity not only the appetite of sharks rises to the human bites. The trapped suddenly have an enemy in our own ranks ...

Raffle to "Bait - sharks in a supermarket":

In keeping with the DVD and BluRay start on July 19 we raffle among all correct entries 3x DVD movie packages consisting of 1x Bait DVD and 1x Bait 3D movie posters and 3x BluRay movie packages consisting of 1x Bait 3D Blu Ray and 1x Bait 3D movie poster.
All you have to do to enter the contest to answer the following question correctly:

What is the original English title of Steven Spielberg's "white shark"?

a) Sharks
b) Jaws
c) The Terror from Under the Sea

The competition has ended, the correct answer is b) Jaws.

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