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Also for the annual Christmas season makes the horror movie no pause and shudder with the audience always a special treat as the exciting classic "Black Christmas" or the 80s cult movie "Gremlins". This year makes in "Krampus" a new demon to put the public in fear and terror.

Like every year, little Max (Emjay Anthony) is annoyed by the Christmas meeting between family and relatives. No wonder, because harmony is nipped in the bud in the belligerent clan. But the ungodly atmosphere evokes also a very different contemporaries on the plan. Talking about the demonic Krampus, who has been waiting for this moment and terrorizing the holiday company with an army of nasty helpers ...

"Whoever does not honor the Christmas party, is consumed by Krampus"

With "Krampus" has now also "Trick 'r Treat" director Michael Dougherty taken the theme "Christmas Horror" to burst and sends it the eponymous monster on an extended family going. The case for use upcoming special effects are from the professional forging that "The Hobbit" was responsible even for the monster in "The Lord of the Rings" &. Also in terms of the actors of flesh and blood, with among others Toni Collette ( "About a Boy") and David Koechner ( "Anchorman") selected VIPs on board.

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"Krampus" Sweepstakes for your Christmas Horror Art

Krampus - Raffle for theatrical release To celebrate the release of "Krampus" on December 03, we are giving away 2 x 1 Krampus iconic movie posters and 2 x 1 black bauble with the Krampus title lettering. To enter the contest, you have to correctly answer only the following question:

Who is the director of the Christmas horror comedy "Gremlins"?

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