Jingle Jangle Horror Clown Mask

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Jingle Yangel Horror Clown Mask

Creepy clown mask with horns and bells

With the Jingle Jangle horror clown mask each visit to the circus is a horror trip.The killer clown with horns makes for a nightmare in the ring!

The nasty grinning Jingle Jangle horror clown mask shows a crazy clown who knows / is painted red, has rotten sharp teeth and a typical round clown nose calls his own.The dangerous white eyes with black pupils pinhead ensure goosebumps.A special highlight of the Jingle Yangel horror clown mask, the large horns on the crown and the four smaller horns on the forehead.The ringing of the four gold bells announcing his ominous coming.

Package included: 1 x Jingle Jangle Horror Clown Mask

  • Color: White / Red / Brown / Black
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex