Hairspray Green

Item #: 20848

Hairspray Green

Violent green highlights for wild party nights!

When you dye your hair, you normally do it because you are unhappy with your natutal hair colour and therefore want the new colour to last as long as possible. But when you want to change the colour of your hair just for one single day, things look rather different.

You could wear a wig or a hair piece or you could go for our super cool, easy to use green hair spray. With this hairspray you can dye single strands of hair and create super cool effects. The small spray nozzle allows you to work accurately and colour green only the strands of hair you want. In the daylight this extraordinary hair spray is a vivid green! With your green hair you will be an eye-catcher in any disco and surely attract a lot of attention.
The best thing is that the spray is as easy to remove as it is to apply. All you have to do after your party night is brush the spray out of your hair and wash out any residue using a bit of shampoo.
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  • Colour: green
  • Contains: approx. 85 ml