Black vinyl Dress Size. L

Item #: GO 1038 L

Black vinyl Dress Size.L

Elegant mini dress in gloss lacquer finish

The black PVC dress is an extravagant Gothic and bondage dress, with whom you have a exhorbitanten appearance on Gothioc and Halloween parties.This elegant mini dress is even suitable for everyday use.The major non-existent sleeves, the dress coat in size L is a refreshing change from your black clothes.

The black PVC dress size.L, is sleeveless and has on the income as well as on the chest and stomach area an incorporated tulle.By Koresagenschnürung, can the dress be laced indivuduell.With a total length of approx. 87 cm, the dress is extremely sexy and tight.And with Inamagura Vinyl Platform Boots do you have the right footwear.

Product Information:
  • Includes: one black PVC dress size.L
  • Size: Total Length: approx87 cm - Shoulder width: about30 cm - Chest: approx33 cm - waist width: ca35 cm
  • Color: black
  • Material: Patent