Venetian Mask Black Pirate

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Venetian Mask Black Pirate

Carnival in Venice: It fly the angels, it flows the wine

Venezia, 1750: Giacomo Casanova has found that he was not fit for the priest after he was drunk with 16 during the sermon from the pulpit.He is pleased to be at least briefly for the carnival in his hometown.At the masked ball he wears an elaborate pirate mask and dances a lot with a young lady who is also disguised as a pirate.Giacomo is interested and asks the young Contessa di Presa for the favor of an audience...

The Venetian black and gold mask pirates is elaborately worked, the material part is attached with snaps to the mask.Taken together, one has the impression that one would wear a classic three-cornered hat.Hat-dummy and mask are edged with gold braid, the front of the hat are two Jolly Rogers embroidered.For optimum wearing comfort, the mask is lined with white felt.The Venetian Mask Black Pirate is also available as variation Venetian mask red pirates .For the right partner look in the lagoon city, there are also still the Venezienische Lady Pirate Mask Red or Venetian Lady Pirate Mask Black .

  • Scope of delivery : Mask, fabric ornament
  • Material : Plastic, felt, feathers
  • Color Black, Gold
  • Mass Width: about38 cm, height about22 cm