Snake Warrior Headdress

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Snake Warrior Headdress

Impressive carnival headdress of a warrior

The barbaric warriors snake an elite group of cruel Pharaoh is feared throughout the country.kill The striking headdress and his style earned him the name as King Cobra, Snake King or Serpent Lord.The arrows and spears that used it and his warriors were treated with cobra venom to bring his opponent maximum pain and certain death.The impressive snake warrior headdress makes you look like a high priest and chieftain.

The snake warrior headdress covers your entire head and has a hood in the form of an aggressive cobra and an impressive shoulder armor, in the form of two intersecting snakes.The wonderfully crafted snake warrior headdress is made of latex and additionally has a shoulder harness with red, sparkling gemstones, representing the eyes of snakes.

1 x Snake warrior headdress with shoulder harness
  • Color: Green / Gold / Black
  • Size: adult size
  • Material: Latex