Silicone mask Skinned

Item #: 19503

Silicone mask Skinned

Professional Horror Masks of CFX directly from Hollywood

Everyone knows the exhibition Body Worlds in the plastinated body issued as exhibits.As a body out of the dissecting room, where you remove the skin, you look at the ingenious silicone mask.The full head latex masks are prepared in a special process, here is a special fabric is to reinforce embedded inside and ensures good resistance to tearing.In addition, thereby, the thickness thinner fail, what ensures that the expression is transmitted in full.The mask has an excellent fit and is very comfortable to wear.For this reason, these masks are increasingly also in film and television productions are used.Now also you have to Halloween to bear the opportunity Unique mask and to create a real shock moments.

Ingenious silicone mask a skinned people is extremely resistant to tearing, which mimic transmits perfectly and is nevertheless absolutely comfortable to wear.The film mask comes with a polyurethane head on which the mask can be stored perfectly.Other nice silicone masks like the Silicone mask Age Vampire and the Silicone mask Freddy you'll find in our shop.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Full facial expressions
  • Comfortable to wear
  • excellent fit
  • Polyurethane head for camps

Caution: The silicone masks are excluded as unique pieces and art objects from the exchange and redemption!