Mega Franky mask

Item #: 17702

Mega Franky mask

Creepy Halloween mask of Frankenstein monster

The Mega Franky mask is a high-quality finish latex mask that runs up over the shoulders and the chest area.This Frankenstein mask has everywhere operative scars, is glued synthetic hair and a metal jaw.The Mega Franky mask was raised from Frankenstein to life and drives now as Frankenstein's monster on the loose.

This mega Franky mask and matching Bride of Frankenstein Outfit Gr. M can turn up on Halloween and horror parties.To admire this monster mask even more realistic, you can them with something Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml edit.

1 x Mega Franky mask

  • Color: Grey / Black / Violet
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex and 100% synthetic hair