Bloody Jason Mask

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Bloody Jason Mask

Don't we all remember Sean S. Cunningham's Friday the 13th? The slasher movie from 1980 is still cult in 2010! When a group of teenagers plans to spend a few relaxing days at Camp Crystal Lake Sign , none of them imagines that their party holiday will turn into a pure and utter horror trip. From the first night on, Jason Voorhees leaves his gruesame and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml traces with a Jason Machete Economy , ice pick or Clearcutter door sheet.

Especially on Halloween Jason Eishockymaske original fiberglass makes a great horror disguise. And we offer all sorts of Friday the 13th accessories, e.g. our Jason Voorhees Action Figure 18 cm, or the Jason chips Bowl and the Friday the 13th Jason Goblet. Wear our  Jason 3D Deluxe Costume or the Jason Mask and Machete Kombipack and machete to turn into Child Jason Mask and Shirt and you'll be the star of any Halloween party. A super Halloween outfit, just like his in-famous buddies Freddy mask bloodlust and Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie.

The mask has large elastic fasteners attached. It is comfortable to wear as it is made of light breathable vinyl. Each mask is a unique copy as the blood spatter varies.

Material: vinyl, elastic bands, Bottle of Blood Fake Blood, textile dyes