Hipsterbrille with eyebrows

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Hipsterbrille with eyebrows

Black nerd glasses with thick eyebrows

One of the most famous fun stuff the world is the Joke nose eyebrows and glasses Which can also Groucho Glasses calls, after its inventor and face model Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers.The fun stuff of all time is now available in the light version, where the nose and mustache eliminated and the stylized brow was attached to the spectacle frame.

The glasses with brow in the style of a typical black nerd glasses, has mounted a pair of thick, closely related plastic eyebrows on the frame above the eyes.This gives the impression of either the highest concentration or a constant frown.The Hipsterbrille with eyebrows is an ironic response to the Moustache trend of glasses as Glasses with Mexicans beard . Vampire glasses with mustache . Biker glasses with beard and Glasses with hipster beard can be lived.

Package included: 1 x Hipsterbrille with eyebrows

  • Material : Plastic, metal
  • Color Black