Skeleton costume accessories

Skeleton costumes for Halloween & Carnival make you appear in the Grim Reaper costume as Grim Reaper or Grim Reaper. Disguised as a bone skeleton and masked with a skull mask, nobody will recognize you so quickly. Find your skeleton costume now.

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Skeleton Costumes

Dress up in a skeleton costume as a bone skeleton

The skeleton costume belongs to Halloween and carnival equally to one of the most popular costumes ever. Why skulls and bone skeletons of a skeleton costume fascinate young and old has probably never been researched exactly, but it does not really play an important role in dressing up. What matters is that you look scary with your skeleton costume. Whether you want to portray a reaper, a bone skeleton or a dangerous grim reaper is up to your imagination and depends a bit on the effort you want to put into it.

Simple Skeleton Costume as disguise

Relatively simple skeleton costumes are already available for little money and consist mostly of a black overall with white bone print. All you need now is a little make-up on Black / White Make Up Set the face of a skull and you are ready to go out as a Skeleton Reaper. As costume accessories for skeleton costumes are excellent Skeleton Gloves Blank and boot tops with bone print.

Skeleton costume with 3 D effect

If you want your appearance as a plague reaper and reaper to look more dramatic and effective, there are skeleton costumes with bone structure made of latex or vinyl. The ribs and bones of the skeleton costumes have a real 3-D effect. To give your face
the realistic look of a grim reaper, you can underline your skeleton make-up with a foam latex application. The soft foam latex parts, such as cheek, jaw and nose parts, are applied t Mastix Hautkleber kleino your face before being coloured with Aquacolor. The resulting skeleton make-up largely follows every movement and lets your facial expressions come into their own. To achieve a special effect on a show stage or in the dark, there are skeleton costumes that glow in the dark or shine through UV light in neon colors. Especially at Halloween you can achieve creepy effects that cause a sensation.

Matching costume accessories for skeleton costumes

Perfect your appearance as a Grim Reaper with the right costume accessories and you already have a unique disguise as a skeleton that no one else has. The Ghost Sense Economy is almost obligatory for skeleton costumes, but how about an Skull Head Lamp or Fire Eye Contact Lenses?

A seemingly heavy Rusty Iron Chain Made Of Plastic and a morbid Reaper cape with hood costume adds drama
and attention to
your skeleton
Creepy-looking skulls and skeleton masks allow you to act like a creepy bone man even without make-up. Scary skull masks are available as half or full-head masks and are the perfect complement for skeleton costumes and allow you different applications. If a speaking role in a skeleton costume is intended for you, you are of course better advised with a skeleton make-up or a half mask than with a full-head mask that
the whole
Be inspired by comics, fairy tales and legends or invent your own character when you perform as a skeleton, boandlkramer, reaper or reaper. We are sure that with your imagination and our mega selection of skeleton costumes at the end an extraordinary appearance is possible. Skeleton costumes are simply a must for Halloween
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