Ladybird Wings & Bee Wings

Ladybird Wings & Bee Wings - classic costume wings for your carnival costume. Dress up with our ladybirds & bees wings as a cheeky bees & sweet ladybirds and float through the carnival parade. Ladybird wings on

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Ladybird wings and bee wings

Ladybird Wings and Bee Wings as costume accessories are a fantastic opportunity to equip your animal costume with a costume accessory that will attract attention. Ladybird wings and bee wings made of fine silk or nylon bring the costume to life and provide an additional opportunity to add movement and artistic elements to your choreography.

Wings as costume accessories

Ladybird wings with their black and red pattern and bee wings with black and yellow stripes are the classics among the animal wings. These are particularly popular for children's costumes and are suitable for everything from toddler costumes to pre-school costumes. In this phase the ladybird wings and bee wings are particularly popular for plays or for singing and dancing. Children love animal costumes and so it is almost self-evident that ladybirds wings and bees wings can be found as costume accessories and props in the costume stock of schools and kindergartens.

Ladybird wings and bee wings as sexy costume accessories

For the appearance as a sexy little bee or Miss Butterfly, the fine and beautifully patterned wings are always a popular costume accessory. The sometimes very short ladybird and bee costumes usually consist of a short mini dress, leggings or tights corresponding to the animal pattern, feelers or antennas that are attached to a hairband and as the most important part, the corresponding ladybird wings or bee wings.
The ladybird wings and bee wings give the costume the exotic and erotic look. The costume wings for adults are usually made of fine silk fabric, often decorated with glitter, pearls and sequins. Thus decorated, the animal wings give the costume an additional exotic flair and make the woman's costume look playful and erotic.

Ladybird wings and bee wings self-made

If wings are too expensive for you to buy as costume accessories or if they do not exactly meet your expectations, you can make them yourself or modify already bought wings. To make your own animal wings, you need not only skill but also the necessary material such as wire, nylon or polyester fabric with elastan, so that you can also stretch the fabric over your wire frame. But first you have to bend the wire, the desired shape, the ladybird and bee wings. Just like the shape and size, the colour of your wings is crucial. A ladybird wing is kept red-black, while bees wings should be black-yellow.

Modifying already finished wings

For your disguise, modifying the matching animal wings as costume accessories is easier than making them completely yourself. Modifying already used wings is a simple and inexpensive way to reuse them. Redecorate them with paint spray, fabric applications, glitter particles or rhinestones. You can also cover old wings with nylon or cut holes in them as costume accessories. Especially cosplay enthusiastic costume artists come up with the craziest things for their performance.

Ladybird wings and bee wings are excellent costume accessories and should not be missing in any costume collection. These can be worn for carnival, carnival and Halloween as well as for a stage play or as props for a musical.

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