Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings are an ingenious costume accessory for carnival, theatre performances & theme parties. Disguise yourself with our beautiful butterfly wings and turn into a shining butterfly.

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butterfly wings

Butterfly wings as costume accessories

Butterfly wings as costume accessories are a classic among the accessories that will help you complete your costume. Whether it is a carnival costume, cosplay costume or animal costume, butterfly wings can be used for many characters. Colourful butterfly wings should not be missing in a well-assorted costume collection.

Butterfly wings for carnival costumes

Dress up as a butterfly in carnival and carnival and have beautiful wings as costume accessories. The butterfly wings can not only be used for a butterfly, but also as elf, fairy or mythical creature, butterfly wings are the matching eye-catcher. Usually the wings are carried over the shoulders with rubber bands like a backpack and can therefore be reused to different costumes. Different shapes and colors of Butterfly Wings let you find the right butterfly wing for your desired costume.

Butterfly Wings for your Cosplay costume

In contrast to the carnival costume, butterfly wings for a cosplay costume must always appear more unusual and extravagant. You are welcome to make extraordinary butterfly wings yourself or to choose ready-made, exotic-looking wings from our range right from the start. But there are the butterfly wings e.g. with glitter and fairy dust or made of transparent silk fabric, which gives the wings something light, airy. Very unusual butterfly wings have a colouring with UV-active colour and then glow in black light. Others have dozens of small LED lights and let them climb up in the darkness at the push of a button. You'll be amazed when you see your butterfly wings!

Butterflies for theatre stage and street carnival

Are conventional butterfly wings too small for you to disguise and they should also work at a greater distance? Then large to huge butterfly wings are the costume accessory of your choice. Huge wings of a butterfly made of light silk-like fabric can be used for dance acts or the carnival parade on the street. These are attached to the back like conventional wings, usually with rubber bands. In addition, these also have small loops that are attached to the fingers. This allows the butterfly wings to be controlled with the arm movement and thus moved up and down while dancing. The imitated movement creates a fantastic effect and the illusion that the dancer is really flying in the air with the butterfly wings.

Make your own butterfly wings

If wings are too expensive for you to buy as costume accessories or if they do not exactly meet your expectations, you can make them yourself or modify already bought ones. To make your own butterfly wings, you need not only skill but also the necessary material such as wire, nylon or polyester fabric with elastan, so that you can also stretch the fabric over your wire frame. But first you have to bend out of wire, the desired shape, the butterfly wing. Should it be a little butterfly or do you wish for the butterfly wings of a big moth? Just as important as the shape and size is the colour of your butterfly wings. You see, it's not that easy to make them for yourself.

Modifying already finished butterfly wings

For your disguise, modifying the matching butterfly wings as costume accessories is easier than making them completely yourself. Modifying already used butterfly wings is a simple and inexpensive way to reuse them. Redecorate them with paint spray, fabric applications, glitter particles or rhinestones. You can also cover old wings with nylon or cut holes in them as costume accessories. Especially cosplay enthusiastic costume artists come up with the craziest things for their performance.

Wings of any kind are ideal as costume accessories and should not be missing in any costume collection and can be worn for carnival, carnival and Halloween as well as for a stage play or as props for a musical.

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