Freddy Krueger mask 3/4 teenager

Item #: 16389

Freddy Krueger mask 3/4 teenager

Creepy mask with impressive eye area and shredded cheeks.

Freddy Krueger, aka the Springwood Slasher from the US hit movie A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most famous serial killer of US cinemas.Now he was revived by the remake of Wesley Strike in April 2010! Properly famous Freddy Krueger was his sadistic murder tool he himself has crafted from an old leather work glove, copper pipes and sharp steak knives together.The brutal, razor-sharp glove since his trademark and keeping countless teenagers to sleep.The chord played in the 2010 remake of Freddy Krueger is played by a Rorschach known Actor Jackie Earle Haley from Watchman.Whether he gets to the previously once-celled representation of Freddy Robert Englund, you must decide for yourself.

The Freddy Krueger mask teenager is less than the adult mask and thus fits adolescents.In addition, we recommend that you still our Freddy Krueger Metal Glove Deluxe Deluxe and the original Freddy Krueger Pullover Deluxe to bring your friends to finally sleep.