Coloured Hairspray Pink

Item #: 16096

Coloured Hairspray Pink

Color hairspray in sexy color pink and pink

Pinkes hairspray for short-term dyeing of human hair or wigs.The fine, well covering pink colored hairspray is easy to comb out after use orWash.

Pinkes hairspray is perfect to give for carnival or Halloween to your hairstyle expression and character.More cool hairspray color and effect hairsprays in colors Coloured Hairspray Red . Hairspray Orange . Hairspray black . Hairspray white and Hairspray Silver Grey can be found here at the Horror Shop.

  • Content: 100 ml.
  • the pink hairspray can easily washed

Warning the dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes use, protect clothes and surroundings carefully and Large area from spray mist