Beer Glass O `taps is

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Beer Glass O `taps is

With the Oktoberfest beer glass you can enjoy your Half stylishly

Those who move to Munich for the first time and collides with the Bavarian inn culture, learns very quickly, the two most important words: A Hoibe! In high German which is a half liters of the best light beer, because the measure with their whole liter is only at the Oktoberfest the normal case.Your beer comes in offers classical Bavarian beer glass with the "O'zapft is!" Imprint.

The beer glass O'zapft is a typical Bavarian beer glass Blown glass, how to use it in many pubs.On the Bavarian beer glass is twice a round imprint with the blue and white diamonds of the Bavarian flag, it is a gingerbread heart with an edelweiss and the inscription "O'zapft is!" to see.The Oktoberfest souvenir has about half a liter.The Oktoberfest glass comes in a beautiful blue and white gift box.More Oktoberfest accessories are the Maxi flag of Bavaria , The Bavaria Rhombuses Lantern and the Party garland O `taps is .

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x beer glass O'zapft is
  • Material : Blown glass
  • Color : Transparent
  • Content : About0.5 L