Zombie Quarantine Zone Metal Sign

Item #: 26755

Zombie Quarantine Zone Metal Sign

Decorate your Halloween Partylocation as a zombie isolation station

Watch out for hungry zombies on your party grounds! So what is more obvious than to set up a locked-up era with the zombie quarantine zone, Metallschild, which warns against the biting zombies. The weathered warning sign could come from a contaminated zombie lab or an old bunker. Realistic made of metal and provided with real rust spots, the zombie quarantine is a real eye-catcher and should not be missed on any Halloween & horror party.

Completely worn out and partly rusty, the zombie quarantine zone metal badge with its worn look is perfect as a decoration for Halloween, carnival and zombie walk. The warning sign that warns of zombies is about 43x28.5 cm tall. In addition, the Zombie Organ Donation metal shield and the Zombie Fallout Shelter metal shield ,

  • Delivery: 1x zombie quarantine zone metal sign
  • Colour: white / yellow // red / black
  • Size: Ca 43x28.5 cm
  • Material: metal
  • Deco shield for your Halloween & Horror Party

The item is a decorative item and not a toy. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Can contain small parts that can be swallowed - danger of suffocation. Keep away from fire and open flames.