Napkins Spooky Friends

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Napkins Spooky Friends

The witch is laughing and the skull is grinning!

A skull just has to wear a grin, it can't help it! The skull and his spooky friends are friendly creatures and each of them wears a smile on the face. The witch might have crooked teeth and the vampire bat's fangs are rather long and pointy, but the spooky friends are a really friendly bunch!

The Napkins Spooky Friends are perfect for children's Halloween parties and they will come in handy when the kids have to clean their mouths and hands from all the chocolat and candy. The pulp napkins came in a pack of 18 pcs. Add the matching Paper Plates Spooky Friends and Paper Cups Spooky Friends to your order or pair them with other Halloween table decorations like the sorted balloons Happy Halloween 8 St. , the Paper Cups Hot Pumpkin or the Paper cup with black skull 18 St.

Product information

Pack contains: 18 pcs
Material: pulp