Bloody Halloween tablecloth with ornaments

Item #: 19132

Bloody Halloween tablecloth with ornaments

Halloween tablecloth with traces of blood for vampire fans!

The bloody plastic tablecloth is a practical disposable tablecloth for Halloween parties, festivals and Gothic Vampire events.By the ornaments and the blood stains the Halloween tablecloth looks creepy and atmospheric.Vampire Count Dracula fans and should be consistent with the motive of bloody tablecloth real joy.

The black tablecloth is printed on the sides with precious ornaments that bring the Gothic style to your party.The part of the tablecloth, which lies on the table top is blood red.The blood flows to the sides of the table, so you probably prefer thinking about you to protect against stains a napkin on your lap.The bloody tablecloth is made of plastic, ca.137 cm wide and 259 cm long, so it fits well on big party tables.To make your vampire Tischdeko completely we would have the Paper cup with vampire motif 8 St. . Vampire Paper Plates Set of 8 and cool Vampire Napkins 16 Pieces as a suggestion.

Package included: 1 x Bloody Halloween tablecloth with ornaments

  • Color: black and red
  • Theme: flowing blood and Ornaments
  • Dimensions: 137 x 259 cm
  • Material: Plastic