Skull with Movable Jaw

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Skull with Movable Jaw

Hope you don't know who this skull belonged to.....

Any amateur alchemist needs a special ambience to work. A mounted crocodile hanging on the ceiling, murky fluids boiling and bubbling away in pots and flasks producing greasy smoke, and, most importantly, a skull on the alchemists's desk are must have accessories! At least the skull will listen to the wizard's gibberish - might be the only one!

You can rob a grave to get yourself a skull or you choose this rather small but anatomically accurate plastic model. At least, unlike most of the real skulls, this one has the lower jaw still attached, and you can buy it legally in our shop while grave robbing usually leads to long prison sentences. And we do want to avoid those, don't we, alchemists or not....
If you want to make your skull really happy, buy it a trendy Black tricorn with spring , put a Halloween Skull Goblet Beige on your desk and write your alchemy formulas with Skull Pirate Pencils 12 Pcs !

Product information
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: height: approx. 16 cm, length: approx. 18 cm, width: approx. 15,5 cm