Zombie Torso Hanging Figure

Item #: 18227

Zombie Torso Hanging Figure

Perfect Halloween decoration for your party

The Zombie Torso Hanging Figure is a creepy Halloween decoration figure, which provides a certain touch in your Halloween decor.

The zombie hanging figure is approx. 50 cm tall and has mobile arms, so it can be individually placed for your horror scenery. The bleeding Zombie Torso is a terrible journeyman who is missing the complete lower body and the right half of the face is eroded to the bone. In addition, the bloody torso figure is missing the right eye and its mouth is wide open. You can hang the Zombie Torso hanging figure on the rope, which is wrapped around the left hand of the horror decoration. The Zombie Torso hanging figure comes best when you bring her surroundings with some bark, Decoration Moss 125g and the Tombstone Hologram Dave Slaughter 50cm dekorierst. In addition to the Zombie Torso Hanging Figure, you will also find other great Halloween characters as well as horror animatronics, B. the Groundbreaker Ghoul ,

  • Delivery: 1 x Zombie Torso hanging figure
  • Size: approximately 50 cm