Winged Reaper Hanging Prop

Item #: 20314

Winged Reaper Hanging Prop

She thought it was some some sort of macabre statue - until the reaper spread his wings and came flying towards her...

The way across the old graveyard was a shortcut and she never had had any problems.. But on that night, when she saw the Grim Reaper appoaching, his eyes glowing red and his bat-like wings towering over her, she run into the night as fast as she could. Pity she was wearing high heels and obviously wasn't fast enough...

The sinister Winged Reaper Hanging Prop is clad in black cloth. The skull is made of polystyrene and the pale, bone hands are made of plastic. When the  the button in the back of the prop's head is activated, the Reaper's pale eyes light up red. The spooky hanging prop features bat-like wings and flexible arms. The winged hanging prop sure feels lonely amongst all the Halloween party guests, so best get our Animated Slashing Reaper, the Creepy Chained Ghost and the Scary Ghost Bride Hanging Prop 45cm to keep him company!

Product information:
  • Material: polystyrene, plastic, metal wire, cloth
  • Size: length: approx. 120 cm, wing span: approx. 60 cm, arm span: approx. 72 cm
  • Batteries required: AG 13 (3 pcs, included)