Skeleton Vampire Hanging Prop

Item #: 19242


Skeleton Vampire Hanging Prop

This blood wasn't tasty at all...

This one was the best of all trophy's in the vampire hunter's office! The vampire had turned into a skeleton but still had some blood on his long fangs - traces of his last supper. His eyes hadn't fallen out of their sockets and looked at the beholder in amazement. The vampire hunter thought that this trophy had definitely been worth the trouble of drinking a litre of holy water and then wait to get bitten.

The Skeleton Vampire Hanging Prop looks very much like Nosferatu in the 1922 movie. Just like the infamous vampire, our prop has fangs instead  of front teeth. The fangs are still bloody and the vampire's eyes are still looking at the beholder. The hanging prop features bone hands and movable arms. The bloodsucking creature wears a black suit and a tattered red cape. The Skeleton Vampire loves to hang around with our Hanging Prop brown Zombie on the hook , the Chained Skeleton Torso Hanging Prop and the Vampire Witch Hanging Decoration 50cm!

  • Material: plastic, fabric
  • Colour: bone-coloured, black, red
  • Measurements: length approx. 92 cm, arm span approx. 85 cm